Benjamin M. Weilert has been published in many ways.
Below is a listing of the numerous places where you can find his writing:


Colorado School of Mines High Grade [Journal of the Arts]High Grade

The Midnight Writers’ Anthology

  • Domesticated Velociraptors (Short Story – “Jurassic Manor”) [Amazon] Domesticated Velociraptors
    • JurassicManorLogoSent out to confirm the validity of a patent claim, a London-based intellectual property lawyer finds himself in an amazing house full of dinosaurs and must ask the necessary questions needed to determine whether or not a patent could be filed. However, along the way, he learns that there’s more to this Lord’s operation than meets the eye.
  • Last Shot Fired (Short Story – “Soul Photographer”)
    • Soul PhotographerMany cultures believe cameras have the ability to steal a person’s soul. What if they were right? What if there was a camera that could do just that? Professional photographer, Eli Adler, finds himself in possession of just such a camera, even if he doesn’t know it yet.
  • Welcome to the Alpacalypse (Short Story – “Be Fruitful . . .”)Be fruitful logo
    • Rabbits are cute and fluffy. Nobody could ever suspect that they’d bring about the end of the world as we know it. In the not too distant future, a family from Olympia, Washington soon learn that the hippies who preached “make love, not war” have doomed them all.


The Fluxion Trilogy [AmazonThe Fluxion TrilogyTFT Front Cover

Fluxions are the mysterious powers that can turn an ordinary person into an extraordinary legend. Not only have they been used to try and take over the world, but also to save it. These powers have been lost and found over thousands of years by many different individuals. Individuals like Isaac, who lost his wife to the uncontrollable power of fluxions; Benjamin, who fought against a genocide of his people; and Albert, who felt obliged to eliminate fluxions from the world after introducing them a millennium before. Across space and time, fluxions have been used as weapons, with weapons, and to turn people into weapons. They’ve been used on both sides of justice and continued to oppress humanity until their power source was finally found and understood. The Fluxion Trilogy is a collection of three novels about these mysterious powers and the people who used them and sought to understand them. Included in this omnibus is an Appendix that gives insight into the references made throughout the trilogy. You’ve never seen science quite like this.

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  • First Name Basis [AmazonFirst Name Basis (The Fluxion Trilogy #1)
    • FNB Front CoverIsaac is a lone wolf on a mission to stop an organization by the name of “Testament” from taking over the world. He knows that if they abuse the powers known as fluxions, the world will once again be thrown into chaos. While on his travels, he meets many interesting characters, including a mischievous wind child, a blue phoenix, an albino dragon, and an animated suit of armor. Of course, it takes Isaac a while to accept these strangers, who eventually teach him the benefits of teamwork and friendship. With their help, he heads to the main headquarters of Testament, a floating island known as The Eagle’s Nest. However, in order to get there, they had to visit strange and exotic places, including the Peak of Eternal Light, the Walled city of Topal, Pandora Prison, and the Dendritic Forest. But even though Isaac has allowed these allies to tag along, he carries a secret burden that fuels his motivation to stop the use of fluxions. Armed with only a black katana and a white longsword, Isaac takes on the most powerful people in the world. Will he be able to prevent Testament from conquering the world, or is he the last hurdle they need to jump in order to complete their conquest? “First Name Basis” is a story of life, love, and honor. You’ve never seen science quite like this.
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  • Second to None [AmazonSecond to None (The Fluxion Trilogy #2)
    • S2N Front CoverBenjamin is one of a select group of people who can naturally use powers known as fluxions. Of course, he doesn’t know that yet. While he travels around the continent finding more people he can relate to, a research team led by Albert is trying to get fluxions into a form that everyone can use. As Benjamin progresses on his journey, picking up two traveling partners along the way (Tecumseh and Penny), the research team is scouring the world, looking for fluxion cores and other items to help them create the super-fluxions known as Fluents. After Benjamin and his friends travel through a strange realm called the Imaginary World, they come across a disaster caused by the Army of Amedeo. Soon after, they find out that Amedeo is building an army that is one septillion soldiers strong, and it’s up to the small team of Naturals to stop him. But can a mere handful of superpowered people stop an army of that number? Furthermore, why does Amedeo need such a large army in the first place? “Second to None” is a story of friendship, duty, and betrayal. You’ve never seen science quite like this.
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  • The Third Degree [AmazonThe Third Degree (The Fluxion Trilogy #3)
    • T3D Front CoverAfter defeating Testament, Isaac returned to New Town to recount his journey. But fate, as it seems, had different plans for him. In a sudden twist, two individuals appear from the distant past: Benjamin and Albert. These two people who came from before the Millennial Erasure join up with Isaac to finish what he had started. Even though Testament was no longer around, the powers known as fluxions still exist and still hold the potential to thrust the world into chaos and darkness. Gathering his team of warriors, Isaac sets out to destroy the 12 Caidoz statues in this timeframe while Albert and Benjamin travel through space and time to accomplish the same task. With the only clues to the location of the statues being an ancient lyric, once the statues are found, they must be destroyed. Unfortunately, these are no ordinary statues. Created aeons ago out of a material known as fluxionite, these statues are what give fluxions their power. And yet, the creator of these statues still lives and is ready to kill anyone who would take away his power. “The Third Degree” is a story of family, legacy, and sacrifice. You’ve never seen science quite like this.
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