Here are the latest posts from Benjamin M. Weilert:

  • Why I like Self-PublishingWhy I like Self-Publishing
    Ten years ago, I learned how easy it was to self-publish. Not only was it “free,” but I was able to hold a physical copy of the largest thing I had ever written. I have since written larger books and expanded into eBooks and hardcovers (and maybe audiobooks in the future). I did try to […] Read more »
  • The right way to ask for reviewsThe right way to ask for reviews
    It’s weird to think that I’ve written more than 600 reviews since I started my website back in 2016. Of course, as I cross-post these reviews to various sites like IMDb, Goodreads, and Amazon, I started receiving requests for reviews relatively soon after I started gaining some traction from my posts (my reviewer ranking is […] Read more »
  • Why self-publishing isn’t “free”Why self-publishing isn’t “free”
    I have always said that one of the main benefits of self-publishing is that there is no financial barrier to entry. Anyone can write a book and have it published without paying a cent to anyone. Granted, this is also the reason why many people look down on self-publishing. With the costs of self-publishing being […] Read more »
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