Many exciting ideas are planned for the years to come. Here’s a listing of them:


Slumberealm SagaSlumberealm logo

Scientists have known for years that there exist many dimensions curled on top of the four we regularly use. What they don’t know is that these dimensions construct a parallel universe known as Slumberealm and the only way to get to it . . . is through your dreams!

  • The Slumberealm Gambit
    • Written in November 2019
  • Dreamer’s Promotion
    • To be written November 2020
  • Nightmare’s Endgame
    • To be written November 2021

The Matter of Space

Based on the writings of Thomas Malory, The Matter of Space is a science-fiction retelling of the Arthurian legend, which is also known as The Matter of Britain. The series has not been planned enough to know how many books it will take, but the following are potential volumes:

The Matter of Space

  • ISV Excalibur
    • To be written November 2022
  • The Holy Grail
    • To be written November 2023
  • M.E.R.L.I.N.’s Rebellion
    • To be written November 2024
  • A Kidnapped Queen
    • To be written November 2025
  • Return to Avalon
    • To be written November 2026

The Immortal Armory

Thor’s Hammer. Paul Bunyan’s Axe. Zeus’ Lightning bolt. These and many more weapons have been passed down the ages and have created as many civilizations as they have destroyed. Meet the newest group of individuals charged with wielding these famous weapons as they fight to save the world.

  • Part 1
    • To be written November 2027
  • Part 2
    • To be written November 2028
  • Part 3
    • To be written November 2029

The Fourth Estate

  • Two childhood friends grew up into two drastically different professions. One is a hitman for the mafia, while the other works for the NSA. Watch as each of them cracks the others’ codes in a political thriller set in the nation’s capitol.
    • To be written November 2030

The Fortnight

  • A man finds himself trapped in his own home, only able to remember the events of a single day, every two weeks prior.┬áHe has not seen his roommates for an entire week, but there are traces of their actions everywhere. Each night he goes to sleep, the digital counter installed on the wall of his bedroom counts down from “D-13” to “D-12”, but each time he wakes up it’s back to “D-13” and everything he did to solve why he’s trapped inside his house has been reset.
    • To be written November 2031