There are many projects being developed by Benjamin M. Weilert. Here are some coming soon or currently in-work:


Frozen Planet [written in 2017] [first revision in progress]

Frozen Planet logoOn an interstellar voyage, the crew of the long-range spacecraft were rudely awakened by a surprise from the long-range imaging sensors: a new planet has appeared in their path. This strange occurrence merely gets stranger as they land and make some shocking discoveries about this frozen planet, their classified mission, and even their very existence!

  • Release date: 2019

The Constellation Tournament [currently editing]

Every 1,000 years, the constellations in the sky come down from their positions at the Edge of the Universe to fight for their right to protect the Universe for the next millennium.
Trilogy release date: 2024


  • The Constellation Tournament [written in 2013] [final revisions]
    • The Constellation TournamentEvery 1,000 years, the constellations in the sky battle each other to determine who will hold the distinction of being the center of the universe. This year marks the 7th iteration of the tournament and as most of the 88 constellations gather at the tournament complex to duke it out, some of the constellations have been sealed away for safety’s sake. And yet, quite a few unknown fighters are entering the tournament: hoping to be immortalized in the sky. As the battles become more intense, many questions arise from the spectators. Who will get to control supernovas and black holes? Who will be the new Zodiac signs? Who will win it all and claim the ultimate power of the universe – the power of the Ωmegα Protocol?
    • Release date: 2021
  • Ωmegα Protocol [written in 2014] [currently editing]
    • Omega Protocol 2The Seventh Constellation Tournament rages on, but there is a dark force gathering in the shadows. Many questions are left unanswered, like “Who is the Puppetmaster?”, “How did the Demons escape from the Dungeon?”, and “What is the Forbidden Power?” As the Constellations battle to determine who will be the next Zodiacs, a terrifying secret emerges that threatens the existence of the Universe itself!
    • Release date: 2022
  • Sol Champion [written in 2015] [first revision in progress]
    • Sol Champion 2The Puppetmaster has finally made his move and now time is ticking away to complete the Constellation Tournament and award the coveted and feared Ωmegα Protocol to the Sol Champion. With the existence of the entire Universe at stake, will our Champion be able to lead the constellations in a war against the Antimatter Army, or will the Puppetmaster ultimately claim victory?
    • Release date: 2023

Short Stories

IronedManLogo“Ironed Man” – Richard Gatling, Jr. has learned the airlev train from Saint Louis carrying some of his fathers’ eponymous guns, as well as hundreds of pounds of gold, is late in its arrival to San Francisco. Donning his newly-developed firefighting suit, he blasts off to investigate what the problem may be.

  • Rejected from anthology, searching for other anthologies to submit.


Cinema Connections 2016Started in 2011, Cinema Connections is described as a “never-ending ‘6-degrees of Kevin Bacon’ game”.
Each week, Benjamin M. Weilert highlights a new movie and uniquely connects it to the growing list of films collected by this blog.