Another year, another set of writing goals. 2021 will be a bit different in that I’ve already been hard at work getting things prepared for publication—or merely fixing up the project that I delayed from last year. Either way, I do plan to continue my goal of self-publishing at least one book each year. With most conventions postponed or canceled this year, I’ll certainly have time to sit down and work on these projects.

Buried Colony

Despite the setback I had last year, I still plan on self-publishing Buried Colony as soon as possible (before it becomes a reality). I’ll be re-working the parts that need attention in January and will get a few beta readers to check my work before proceeding with the advanced reader copies again. Fortunately, a lot of formatting and design has already been completed, so it’s really just the content that needs some polishing before publication. I also hope to release this as one of the first audiobook versions of one of my novels, so look forward to that (I’ve already found a narrator I think will work for this project when I was nearing completion last year)!

First Name Basis: 10th Anniversary Edition

It’s a little difficult for me to believe that my first novel came out ten years ago. First Name Basis taught me a lot about writing and self-publishing. The “secret project” I have been referencing on social media and my newsletter is that I’m re-releasing First Name Basis (the whole Fluxion Trilogy, actually) with a slightly newer cover, character sketches, and portions of the appendix that appears in the Fluxion Trilogy omnibus. Thanks to artist Robin Childs, these characters have finally come to life with her sketches and illustrations. I will also be recording the audiobook version of this novel this year, so if you have been waiting for the audiobook, now’s the time to get hyped. If you haven’t picked this one up yet, now’s the year to do it!

Stop Screaming!

While it’s difficult for me to grasp how First Name Basis is ten years old, it’s equally challenging to realize that my wife has been making homemade ice cream for the past five years. From our regular “Fourth of Jul-Ice Cream” socials, we’ve decided to make a cookbook for people who want to get into making their own homemade ice cream. This won’t be the definitive cookbook for the ice cream aficionado, but it should help capture the tips, tricks, and pitfalls that the neophyte to homemade ice cream will want to know. Of course, there will also be ice cream recipes in this book, some of which are likely flavors you’ve never had before. I will be writing the first draft of this book in July.


Now that I’m done with the Slumberealm Saga for NaNoWriMo, I think that my next November project will be based on this Tumblr post I found a while ago. There are eight short stories I can write off of each one of these “autocomplete” suggestions from Google. This may be my most hilarious collection of short stories yet, and I look forward to writing short stories like “Old Habits Die Hard” and “Magical Prince Adolf.”

Your regularly scheduled content…

2020 was a bit of a mess, so there are still ideas and blog posts that I have planned for this year that I didn’t get to last year. All this being said, I do hope to accomplish everything I want to this year but will give myself grace if it doesn’t happen the way I envisioned it in January.

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