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  • The Benefits of FanfictionThe Benefits of Fanfiction
    Anyone who has consumed a significant amount of media can tell you that there are no original ideas. Most stories merely borrow ideas from their predecessors. The fact that most stories can be categorized into a handful of core concepts proves that everything has already been done before. And yet, people keep writing stories. Part […] Read more »
  • Traditional Publishing is BizarreTraditional Publishing is Bizarre
    The dream of many writers is to be traditionally published. There is a certain amount of clout that comes with having a manuscript printed by a company that is in the business of publishing books. There is a validation when an author’s book is distributed to brick and mortar bookstores like Barnes and Noble. I […] Read more »
  • 2021 Has All the Fun2021 Has All the Fun
    Another year, another set of writing goals. 2021 will be a bit different in that I’ve already been hard at work getting things prepared for publication—or merely fixing up the project that I delayed from last year. Either way, I do plan to continue my goal of self-publishing at least one book each year. With […] Read more »
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